Ocean Adventures Camp

A camp I just did over the summer was Ocean Adventures Camp or O.A.C for short.  In this camp we went to different beaches to surf, boogie board, and snorkel as well as to learn about the ocean.  We also made different crafts. On the first day we went snorkeling at Mission Beach.  The second day we did surfing and boogie boarding at La Jolla Shores.  The third day we went to the Cove in La Jolla and snorkeled there too.

The fourth day was AWESOME!

We got to go snorkeling with LEOPARD SHARKS!  It was so cool.  I saw one with stripes all over, 12 to be exact.  Also I saw a giant sea bass, some guitar fish, round rays, and a bat ray.  Also on the fourth day we did surfing and boogie boarding, again at La Jolla Shores.  On the last day we had a sand castle building contest but there was no winner so sad face :(.  Then we did surfing and boogie boarding for the rest of the day and then at 2:00 the parents of each kid came and watched us go surfing!  My mom got some pictures of me doing it and some other photos.

this is me surfing a wave!!! XD XD XD XD XD

This is me surfing a wave!!!  XD

me and my board!

Me and my board!

me and the instructors!

Me and the instructors! The one on the far left is Kelly, the one next to him is Art, then me, then Ryan, and Casey, and finally Caitlin!

Anyway, those were the adventures I had at camp…but wait!  I almost forgot!  I got an award that said “The King Of The Waves”!  Yeah!  Hope you liked my post! 🙂



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Thought Stem Creativity Card

I recently started going to a computer class every Sunday called Thought Stem. It is held at UCSD in the Computer Science and Engineering building next to the bear statue. So what we do there is we do different programs that use code like Arduino and Scratch. There are of course older people the watching us to make sure we are doing the code right. On my first day I earned the cards Lighting Up an LED, Put it on a Breadboard, and Resistance is Futile.

But this blog post is about the Creativity Card I started on Sunday, aka, June 30th, 2013.  To earn the Creativity Card you have to take a project and add 5 new things to it. I played around a lot with the delay on the blinking of an LED. I figured out that the shortest amount of time between blinks that I could see in a lit room was 11 ms and in a dark room it was 9.5 ms. But that wasn’t all. I also added 2 more LEDs and 2 more resistors into the circuit that originally had only 1 LED and a resistor.

These are the things I had to do to earn the Creativity Card.

These are the 5 things I did to earn the Creativity Card.

These are the 5 things I did to earn the Creativity Card.

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Legoland camp

The last week of summer vacation I went to Legoland camp. It is a camp where campers get to go to Legoland to go on rides and build things. At Legoland right now there is a new toy in the big shop. It is adult Lloyd with the green ninja spinner from the Ninjago series!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAY!!!! But it came out the day after buy day so I couldn’t get it. But more importantly, there is a new ride at Legoland called Pirate Reef where you get soaked down to your underwear It’s in Pirate’s Cove. Did you know that Miniland is always changing? Like for instance, the beach is now a dirt bike race and not people relaxing. You can tell that something is new by how dirty it is. If it is new it is shiny and not dirty, if it is old it is dirty and dull. The builders get bored because they don’t have anything to build so Miniland is always changing. Did you now that now they have giant Star Wars mini figures? The picture at the end is one of them.

Pirate Reef

The Green Ninja

Washington D.C. in Miniland

It is, drum roll please… bumbumbumbumbum, R2D2!


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Garden Update 2

The garden has been growing very rapidly.  The corn is high, there a lot of tomatoes (even though the peak point of the tomatoes was when I did the first garden update), we have a lot of carrots, but most of all PUMPKINS!  In the heat the plants are thirsty and wilting.  The plant that gets the most wilty is the pumpkins, they win the honarary Wilty Award.  When the pumpkins are wilty, the big leaves are floppy instead of flat.  Summer is almost over, and we hope the pumpkins and the corn will be ready by the fall.

The zinnias are more beautiful than ever!

This is the early stage of a big pumpkin. It hasn’t turned orange yet.

Check out this one, it’s white! I call it a ghost pumpkin.

This is the pumpkin that we thought was a canteloupe, then we thought it was a watermelon, now we know it is a pumpkin.

This is basil we planted from seeds. On one of the leaves there were some eggs laid in a honeycomb structural way. We picked that leaf and brought it home and hatched the eggs. They were tiny black beetles.

Look at the corn, it’s bigger now. It is up to my waist. There are lots of tassels and a few ears of corn.

A picture of the gardens at school. One of our last summer projects will be to paint the scarecrows.


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Around the World in 8 Minutes

You’ve heard of the book Around the World in Eighty Days?  Well this is Around the World in 8 Minutes!

Starring Sam…

Well that was fun and all, but it’s time I went home. Below is a map of all the places we visited.


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Update on the School Gardens

This is an update on the school gardens. Right now our tomatoes are huge, and the biggest is as tall as me.

We finally figured out what the mystery plants were. THEY WERE ZINNIAS! We put in a picture of what our zinnias look like.

The corn we had planted is almost A FOOT tall.

We also found a caterpillar on the cosmos. It has really cool stripes.

We also planted some pumpkins, and here is a picture of a baby one.

I will probably have my next update up when school starts in September.


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My Birthday Party

On July 15th I had my birthday party at our neighborhood pool.  It was my party and my sister’s party.  I invited a bunch of friends, including J.D., Matthew, Trevor, Sammy, Megan, Ian, Sierra, and Kellen.  We ate pizza, Pirate’s Booty, Veggie Sticks, corn chips, strawberries, grapes, and cake and ice cream.  I spent pretty much the whole party in the pool.

Thanks for coming to my party (everyone who came), and thank you for the gifts.  I hope you enjoy reading my post.


Me and my friends in the pool.

This is our Phineas and Ferb cake. Doofenschmirtz has a Sprinklerinator and he sprinkled the Tri-Cake Area with it, while Phineas and Ferb built giant candles.


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